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A Teaspoon of Happiness

Mediterranean Quinoa and Bean Salad

Mediterranean Quinoa and Bean Salad | Quinoa Recipe | Salad Recipe | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

Every once in a while, after weeks of not paying attention to what I’ve been eating, I get the urge to do a “cleanse” of sorts. Not the kind of cleanse you’re thinking of. I will not drink juice for days on end no matter how many of my friends swear it made them skinny. I would turn into the meanest of mean people, and I try to avoid that at all costs.

So in my little cleanse, I stop eating junk food and start eating hearty, filling foods with lots of protein and vitamins. I typically lean towards cold salads – chickpea salads are a favorite – and lots of filling vegetable soups.

Mediterranean Quinoa and Bean Salad | Quinoa Recipe | Salad Recipe | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

I’ve already made my Mediterranean chickpea salad a million times over, so when I saw stumbled on Ree’s Mediterranean orzo salad on Pinterest the other day, I thought I should try something a little less bean-y. I felt that using a pasta would diminish the point of making something like this in the first place, so I turned to quinoa instead. It’s light and fluffy, just like a pasta is, but it has much more nutritive value.

Mediterranean Quinoa and Bean Salad | Quinoa Recipe | Salad Recipe | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

So I set out to make my Mediterranean quinoa salad. I cooked quinoa, chopped vegetables, whisked up a dressing, and mixed it all together. But, the power of the garlic was so overwhelming. I mean, it could kill a vampire. It was that strong.

I figured I better add something more to the salad to even out the potency of the dressing. Enter the white beans. Luckily, I had a sad, lonely can of haricots blancs in the back of my cabinet. It had been sitting there untouched for months, because I couldn’t for the life of me remember what I had bought it for. So I tossed it in the salad, hoping that it would be the answer to my garlic problem.

Whole Wheat Penne with Italian Sausage Tomato Sauce

Whole Wheat Penne with Italian Sausage Tomato Sauce-3-2

I’ve been really into quick and easy dishes lately. I’m sure you can tell. I’ve been posting nothing but simple, easy recipes for the past few weeks, and this one is no different. It came from an attempt to use up leftover pasta sauce and Italian sausage that was in the freezer on a what-the-heck-am-I-going-to-cook-for-dinner

5 Ingredient Baked Coconut Curry Cod

5 Ingredient Baked Coconut Curry Cod | Fish Recipe | Curry Recipe | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

Have you ever had one of those times when things just seem to work out the way you want them to? Well, for me, this was one of those times. Looking for a much needed change of pace, led me to buy some cod. I thought it would be something easy I could pop in the

Cilantro Lime Hummus

Cilantro Lime Hummus | Hummus Recipe | Dip Recipe | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

It’s been a while since I popped in to say hello and share a recipe. Things have been so “meh” here lately. I’ve been sick for a few days, and Ellie’s been wanting lots of love and attention (which I’m more than happy to give her). So recipe sharing has been on the back burner

6 Ingredient Indian Sticky Chicken

6 Ingredient Indian Sticky Chicken | Chicken Recipe | Easy Recipe | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

I have been dying to share this recipe with you for a few months now, but each time I set out to photograph it, something came up and it never got made. Sad, I know. Because it’s only six ingredients – five if you don’t count the garnish. Six ingredients. That’s right, six ingredients will

Orange Pork Stir Fry

Orange Pork Stir Fry | Stir Fry Recipe | Pork Recipe | ateaspoonofhappiness.com

I guess you probably watched the Super Bowl – commercials and all. Well I did not. It’s the second year in a row that I’ve missed it. Last year, I was flying over the Atlantic on my way home from Kazakhstan, and this year, I just refused to stay awake for it. It started at